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Jig Spinner

Jig Spinner

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Turn your favourite jig heads into spinnerbaits! Jig Spinners are a great way to change up your presentation and give your favourite jig heads and plastic baits some extra flash and thump. Weedless design allows them to be run through weeds, logs, stumps and rocks with minimal chances of snagging. Includes two 5/16 oz (9g) CR Baits custom handmade jigheads.

Soft plastic bait not included

1/2 oz • 15g (w/ jig head)

1/5 oz • 6g (w/o jig head)

Polished brass French blade

Brass willow blade - painted & lacquered in-house

Polished brass beads & clevis

Two handmade 5/16 oz (9g) CR Baits custom jig heads

Lazer Sharp® Hooks

All parts and paints made in Canada and the USA


Spinnerbaits have been a bass and pike fishing staple for decades thanks to their attention-grabbing flashy-thump and weedless design, allowing casts directly into the plant beds that predators love to hide in. Fosco Jig Spinners are designed to maximize hook-ups and combine the versatility and utility of a spinnerbait with the action and character of your favourite soft plastic baits.

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