Collection: Lipless Crankbaits

 A lipless crankbait is a highly effective fishing lure known for its unique design and versatility. Unlike traditional crankbaits, it lacks a protruding lip, giving it a tight, wobbling action in the water. The streamlined, flat-sided body and internal rattles of a lipless crankbait mimic distressed baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory fish. Its design allows it to be fished at various depths by adjusting the retrieve speed or allowing it to sink before reeling in.

These lures are perfect for covering large areas of water quickly, making them ideal for searching out active fish. Lipless crankbaits can be used in open water, over submerged vegetation, or along rocky points. They excel in various conditions, from cold water in early spring to warm waters in summer and fall, and are especially effective in shallower waters when fish are feeding aggressively.

Lipless crankbaits come in a range of colours and sizes to match local forage and water conditions. Bright colours work well in murky water, while natural patterns are ideal for clear water. Their ability to cast long distances helps anglers reach distant targets without spooking the fish, making them a must-have in any tackle box for targeting species like bass, pike, or walleye.

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