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AP Custom Baits

Welcome to AP Custom Baits, where passion meets precision in crafting the perfect lure for your fishing adventures. Founded in 2022 by Austin P., AP Custom Baits has been redefining the art of lure making since its inception.

Our journey began in 2019 when Austin P. and his father discovered the world of lure making through bait making videos. Since then, our dedication to innovation and craftsmanship has only grown stronger. We employ multi-colour base coats, intricate scale effects, and textures, all inspired by real fish and meticulously replicated to perfection.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant beauty of nature, AP Custom Baits specializes in creating custom fishing lures that mimic the intricate details of real fish. Using a meticulous process, each lure is meticulously handcrafted, carved, sanded, painted, and tested to ensure optimal performance on the water.

One of our unique offerings is our ability to mix colours to create a diverse range of custom hues. For example, our perch blanks feature scales crafted from a blend of three different colours, resulting in a lifelike appearance that entices even the most discerning fish.

At AP Custom Baits, we take pride in our choice of materials. Whether it's the sturdy pine used for the perch glide or the lightweight balsa employed in the musky crank, each component is carefully selected to enhance the lure's performance and durability. Even our lipless lures feature meticulously crafted pine bodies, ensuring a seamless combination of form and function.