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Saint John, New Brunswick

Walters Baits

Established in January 2022, Walters Baits has quickly become synonymous with quality and innovation in the fishing industry. Named after the legendary bass known as Walter, our company draws inspiration from the mystique of the Haliburton Forest area. We pride ourselves on crafting exceptionally durable baits designed to withstand the test of time, using unconventional yet highly effective materials like spices and sidewalk chalk for colouration and attractants.

In March 2022, we relocated our operations from Bowmanville, Ontario to the scenic shores of Saint John, New Brunswick, further embracing Canada's rich fishing heritage. This move has allowed us to expand our product offerings and deepen our connection to nature. With a focus on both freshwater and saltwater species, Walters Baits offers a diverse range of nine lure types, including frogs, crawfish, paddle tails, mini flukes, lizards, and stickbaits.

Driven by our passion for quality, innovation, and the pursuit of legendary catches, Walters Baits continues to redefine the fishing experience. Our baits are crafted with care, inspired by Canadian folklore and ingenuity, ensuring that anglers have the perfect tool for every fishing adventure.