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Welcome to Thames River Riggin'

Welcome to Thames River Riggin'! We're your go-to destination for top-quality gear and innovative solutions for carp and catfishing enthusiasts. Specializing in crafting rigs tailored for the pursuit of these prized catches, we're proud to introduce our flagship creation: the Kitty Convincer.

The Kitty Convincer is a formidable 40lb fluorocarbon construction and it's built to withstand the toughest of challenges presented by river giants. With options including a 24" 3oz or 48" 5oz configuration, anglers can choose the perfect setup for their fishing needs.job.

Equipped with black nickel circle hooks, sized at 3/0 for the 3oz and 7/0 for the 5oz variant, the Kitty Convincer ensures a secure hookset every time. Adding to its effectiveness is a strategically placed float near the hook, allowing for precise depth control. Whether you're casting out on a 45-degree angle downriver or adjusting the hook's position in the water, the Kitty Convincer offers unparalleled versatility and performance.

But we're not just about rigs. At Thames River Riggin', we understand the importance of power on the go, whether you're out on the ice, cruising on the water, or camping in the wilderness. That's why we also specialize in crafting power boxes for portable battery power. From keeping your ice fishing electronics running smoothly to powering up your watercraft for extended adventures, our power boxes are designed to deliver reliable energy wherever your adventures take you.