Adam Merrifield

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Kitchener, Ontario


Adam Merrifield is the author of Mighty Smallmouth: Catching Big Bass on Small Water. He's on a mission to promote sustainable fishing and outdoor activities through his writing, and through some of the innovative products he intends to bring to market. He's creating a brand, a series of books, and small batches of tackle that help support this mission, and his boundless love for river systems.

In 2020, Adam Merrifield set out to create an open source, patent-free biopolymer that could be manufactured in the kitchen, with conventional stove top methods using store-bought ingredients. This was to address the growing popularity of custom bait making using the industry standard plastisol, a PVC resin that doesn’t break down in water. Adam thought if he could make a safer, environmentally friendly alternative, hobbyists might be inclined to produce baits that don’t contribute further to environmental degradation.

Adam’s many attempts to perfect the recipe and process got him close, but ultimately the science was beyond him. Adam then sought to fund more advanced research by selling custom tackle, designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. From the use of recycled materials, the method of manufacturing, and right down the packaging. Each aspect of the early prototypes, from hook strength, and wire tied skirts, was considering to ensure lures lasted longer, and didn’t break off or fall apart in the water prematurely.

Today, a portion of the proceeds goes towards continual research and development for biopolymers and other sustainable material and manufacturing methods. Another portion goes towards conservation organizations to help maintain and sustain our local waterways, and continue educational efforts to protect our natural resources for years to come.