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Delta, British Columbia

RT Plastics

RT Plastics, located in Delta, British Columbia, is a premier soft bait manufacturer that began its journey in 2022 in Prince George, BC. The company was founded out of a passion for crafting tube jigs that last and colours that catch. What started as a hobby has evolved into a thriving business, supplying high-quality lures to anglers across British Columbia and Alberta, with ongoing expansion into new stores and provinces.

RT Plastics is committed to providing the best quality lures to help you catch that trophy fish. Using saltwater/extra tough plastic and meticulously quadruple-coating their lead jigs, they ensure that anglers spend more time on the water with presentable bait, catching fish after fish. In 2024, the company relocated to South Delta and expanded its product line to include large 10" tubes for bottom fishing, targeting muskie and pike, and 7" swim baits for ling cod, rockfish, and various freshwater species.

Their product range features high-quality non-phthalate plastisol, Eagle Claw Seaguard Hooks, and Mustad Big Game Hooks, trusted for their strength and reliability. All coated jig heads are quadruple coated to withstand the rigours of bottom banging and bouncing off rocks. At RT Plastics, the dedication to delivering top-notch lures enhances the fishing experience, giving anglers the edge to reel in that elusive big catch.