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Steinbach, Manitoba

Nighthawk Lures

Established in 2022, Nighthawk Lures emerged with a straightforward mission: to deliver custom shop quality at mass production prices. From meticulously selected hooks to a flawless clear coat, our commitment lies in utilizing only the finest components. We pride ourselves on being a Canadian lure manufacturer that goes beyond the ordinary – our dedicated team rigorously tests lures year-round, ensuring that the products we offer guarantee results, whether it's in open water or on the ice.

What truly sets Nighthawk Lures apart is our unwavering dedication to creating top-tier fish-catching tools. Our lures aren't just designed; they are crafted with the singular purpose of enticing and hooking fish, not just the attention of anglers. We understand that success on the water is measured by the bites you get, not the buzz around the tackle.

Nighthawk Lures is confident that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Built by fishermen for fishermen, our lures embody the essence of passion, experience, and a genuine love for the sport. Whether you're new to fishing or a seasoned veteran we're sure you'll love our lures and the results they bring!