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Lippers Custom Jig Co. – Elevating Your Fishing Experience with Passion and Durability

At Lippers Custom Jig, our journey began in 2022 when we seized the opportunity to turn our fishing hobby into a thriving venture. With a deep-rooted love for fishing, we acquired the tools of the trade from a dedicated lead and molds hobbyist and set out on a mission to redefine the fishing experience through expertly crafted custom jigs.

Driven by our unwavering enthusiasm for angling, we embarked on a path to create jigs that not only reflect our passion but also outperform the market standards. We recognized the need for jigs that don't just catch fish, but also exhibit colours, patterns, and paint schemes designed to attract with precision. Frustrated by the lack of durability in mass-produced jigs, we were determined to fill this gap with tackle that could stand the test of time.

Hours upon hours and countless variations later, we emerged with a collection of jigs boasting meticulously tested and proven colour combinations. Our creations are a testament to our commitment to angling excellence – a dedication that resonates with every passionate fisherman. Just as seasoned anglers consistently replenish their tackleboxes each season, we resolved to provide tackle that transcends mere functionality, offering lasting quality that can weather both the rigors of storage and the challenges of the water.

What sets Lippers Custom Jig apart is our unwavering focus on durability. We understand the demanding environment jigs endure within tackleboxes and on the water, and we have developed a unique curing process coupled with high-quality paints to ensure our jigs are not only tough but also aesthetically appealing. Our jigs are designed to thrive amidst the toughest conditions, reflecting our commitment to crafting tackle that not only endures but excels.

Beyond our dedication to angling, all three of us are full-time firefighters – a profession centered on assisting others in times of need. In line with this ethos, Lippers Custom Jig isn't just a business; it's an extension of our passion to aid others. We're thrilled to translate our devotion to helping others into helping fellow anglers achieve their peak performance on the water.