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Hamilton, Ontario


At LastCast we are like so many, fishing obsessed. Founded by two Ontarians who can't stay away from the water. One would say that we are relentless fishermen.

How many times out on the boat have you heard:

"Okay, last cast and then we'll head in?"

To get the maximum amount of fishing in, it’s important to be comfortable all day in the gear we wear. Our goal is to bring our apparel designs to anglers and have them be both practical and comfortable for life in Canada, on and off the water… and looking good as well doesn’t hurt. From the hottest days on the boat, to the sub-zero temps on the hard water and everything in between. From the first cast in the morning to the bonfire at night, we got you covered.

"We are anglers. We are friends. We are family."

We are LastCast