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KGH Custom Lures

KGH Custom Lures is born from a love affair with fishing and a quest for individuality on the water. Founded by a dedicated angler with a passion for innovation, our journey began seven years ago when our founder was introduced to fishing through his wife's family of avid anglers. Hooked on bass fishing after acquiring a second-hand kayak, he found solace in the tranquility of the water, away from the clamor of his carpentry job.

Driven by a desire to infuse his fishing experience with personal flair, our founder ventured into lure customization. Frustrated by the lack of options in stores and online, he experimented with airbrushing, creating vibrant, unconventional designs inspired by horror, punk, and the macabre. From mutant tigers to spine-chilling Bloody Marys, each KGH Custom Lure is a testament to our commitment to disrupting the norm and offering anglers unique, eye-catching creations.

At KGH Custom Lures, we're not just selling fishing gear; we're offering a gateway to imagination, creativity, and adventure on the water. Join us in redefining the art of fishing, one custom lure at a time.