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Nearly 40 years ago, Ruby Polsky woke to a phone call that changed his life forever; his construction company went out of business overnight. His livelihood and everything he worked for was gone. With no income and a family, Ruby took the ultimate chance and decided to follow his passion. He sourced the best molds to create his very first lead head jigs. Fueled by his passion for fishing and a belief in the quality of his products, Ruby set forth to a local tackle shop on the Lachine canal. That day, the first orders were placed and Caribou Inc was born. JIG-A-JO would be the first brand to bear the Caribou name. At first glance, JIG-A-JO may seem like a silly name, but there is a serious message that Ruby and the rest of the Caribou team stood by firmly then and still do today. “Jigs for the average Jo” is an oath that all anglers, regardless of status, should have access to premium manufactured fishing products at fair market pricing. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into creating those first jigs. Superior craftsmanship, a passion for fishing, and maintaining our promises to that everyday unsung fisherman still burns strong in us today.

At Caribou Inc, our passion is to provide anglers of all skill levels, tournament grade lures at a competitive price. Let’s face it, no one wants to lose their dream catch, and fishing is at its best when we can share those memories with others. All of our jig heads, rigs, and bottom bouncers are designed and engineered Canadian tough so that anglers can make their dream catch a reality. Innovation is what drives us, our passion for turning out premium tackle for retailers and customers is what you can expect to find in all of our products. Our promise is to provide anglers and retailers with a foundation of innovative fishing lures and tackle solutions that have been quality tested by our team to help you land more fish - even in the most severe fishing conditions. We wouldn’t sell you something that we wouldn’t put in our own tackle box.