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Mallorytown, Ontario

Jacked Up Jigs

Established in 2022, Jacked Up Jigs is a proud family business located just north of the St. Lawrence River in Mallorytown, Ontario. With a passion for fishing and a commitment to quality, we specialize in crafting unique and durable jigs designed to elevate your fishing experience.

At Jacked Up Jigs, our family takes pride in creating jigs with unique colour combinations, many of which are inspired by the creativity of our children. This personal touch ensures that each jig is not only visually appealing but also effective in the water.

Our jigs feature glued and sealed 3D eyes in all models with eyes, providing a realistic look that attracts fish. Additionally, our jigs come with multicoloured matching weedguards, offering both functionality and style. To ensure durability, every jig is powder coated and baked, making them tough enough to withstand the rigours of tournament fishing.

As avid tournament fishermen ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable gear. This experience drives us to build quality jigs one at a time, with meticulous attention to detail. Our motto, "If we wouldn't fish it, we won't sell it," reflects our dedication to providing only the best products to our customers.

Choose Jacked Up Jigs for top-notch fishing jigs that combine craftsmanship, creativity, and durability, all made with the care of a family-run business.