John & Emily

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Somerville, New Brunswick

Hobby Turned Lifestyle

Our business started out with humble beginnings in 2020, with a strong passion for fishing and the aspiration to start a business as a family.

We wanted to offer an exceptional product that is completely unique to the market. Our GeoTackle collection is what got us started with the inline spinners. Incorporating real stone into fishing lures allowed for us to make a natural product with uniquely eye-catching results.

We continued to build on our eco-friendly brand with our lead-free jigs. While the bismuth alloy that we use is more difficult to work with compared to lead, it is worth the trouble to create a non-toxic product!

The creative gears are always turning, check back regularly to see what new creations we have come up with!

We take great pride in our hand-made lures and are so happy to be able to share them with other fishing enthusiasts such as yourself.