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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

CR Baits

CR Baits is a Saskatoon-based fishing tackle company, locally founded, owned, and operated in Saskatchewan. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality fishing tackle solutions that produce results. All of our baits are meticulously hand-painted custom creations, and we take pride in recycling and pouring our lead jigs in-house.

Community involvement is a significant aspect of our identity at CR Baits. We actively participate in the angling community in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and across Canada. In 2023, we're pleased to support the Wishing I Was Fishing foundation and the CHEO Kayak Fishing Tournament. We are always open to opportunities to make a positive impact on our community, so if you have a cause or idea, please feel free to reach out to us.

At CR Baits, we prioritize delivering quality tackle, being part of our local community, and contributing to causes that align with our values. Join us on our journey in the world of fishing and community engagement.